10 Key Benefits of Fleet Management


Manually managing your fleet in-house can prove to be inefficient and ineffective for your business. Professional fleet management offers 10 key benefits for your company’s sustainability and growth.


1. Paying for Actual Hours Worked

Your fleet management system can easily record accurate hours worked. Erasing manual timesheets and ensuring, with certainty, the accuracy of your payroll.


2. Avoiding Unnecessary Fuel Expenses and Wear and Tear

Prevent additional fuel usage and wear and tear to your fleet due to personal trips. Your fleet management system records trips outside of designated working hours.


3. Preventing Fuel Theft by Monitoring Fuel Card Transactions

Fuel cards are easily integrated into your fleet management system. Each fill-up can be measured against the tank’s capacity. Furthermore, your device can confirm the vehicle’s location at the time of refuelling.


4. Monitoring Driver Behaviour

Poor driving habits such as harsh acceleration and braking can result in unnecessary and premature fleet maintenance requirements. Idling can place a great strain on your fleet fuel costs.

Effectively reduce wastage by enforcing rules such as switching off the engine, if idling occurs for more than a set time period, using your fleet management system software. An immediate change in driver behaviour assists in avoiding incidents. Insurance costs can therefore be reduced significantly.

Driver behaviour is effectively addressed in real-time. The Geotab GO Device beeps when a driver speeds, immediately informing the driver that he is speeding. In addition, an email is sent to the fleet manager, should the driver not reduce his speed. This ensures that infringements to the rules are resolved instantly, assisting to correcting poor driver behaviour.


5. Ensuring Your Fleet Is Well-Maintained

Vehicles are among the most expensive assets of a company and therefore need to be well-maintained. Automated service and maintenance reminders can save your business from undetected wear and tear, ensuring fleet safety and reliability. Your fleet management system can significantly improve the lifespan of your fleet.

The Geotab Device detects any small or major accident. Fleet managers need to be made aware of small incidents, in order to take the necessary steps swiftly. This becomes imperative in the event of a major accident whereby the business can be held liable.

Accident Reconstruction Data – Geotab provides a complete reconstruction of the event. This feature is particularly useful in cases where the fleet owner needs to provide his health and safety department with proof of vehicle abuse and/or over speeding, reckless driving.


6. Automating Manual Operations Processes

Manually capturing information around staff shifts and relative business processes are extremely time-consuming and allow for the possibility of human error. Your fleet management software provides notifications on actual hours worked, as well as high fuel consumption.


7. Routing Efficiency

Your fleet management system assists in providing the most efficient route for your drivers. An optimal route reduces fuel wastage and greatly improves customer satisfaction due to timely delivery and fulfilment of SLAs (Service Level Agreements). Less time on the road further results in reducing your fleet’s carbon footprint.


8. Billing Customers Accurately

Your fleet management system assists with billing by recording start and end times of jobs completed. Any possible disputed figures can be supported by data.


9. Reporting in Real-time

The dashboards and automated reporting your fleet management system software provides, allows for informed decision-making, in real-time.


10. Increasing Driver Satisfaction

Your fleet management system significantly reduces the manual labour of drivers, during deliveries. Digital documentation, sent to a driver’s device, frees the driver from having an additional responsibility to complete paperwork. They are then able to fully concentrate on their driving and easily fulfil their additional tasks.