Magnum Security Company owns the franchise for Netstar Vehicle tracking and recovery in Zambia.


This system is designed to track and recover a vehicle in the event that it is stolen. It is operated as an independent company and the system covers most of the central and southern African region. For Altech Netstar Fleet Solutions, fleet management is the art of maximising the productivity of vehicles, minimising the cost involved and constantly maintaining excellent service levels within an acceptable risk profile. We can provide tailor-made efficient fleet management solutions, regardless of fleet size, function or location at a most affordable price.

The Netstar System provides: 



This is a rugged radio frequency phone-in system that is easy to install and hide it is the most affordable stolen vehicle tracking and recovery service in Southern Africa. Sleuth is accepted by all insurance companies and approved by most motor manufactures.


Early Warning

This is a top of the range radio frequency system that houses advanced features such as a panic button, ignition link, siren and an optional external arming and interior motion sensor. Since its inception in 1994, this product has saved many companies from life-threatening and highly costly incidents.


Cyber-Sleuth Supreme

Pin-point GPS accuracy, communicated via GPRS, with a radio beacon as back up to enhance tracking and recovery. This product offers optional add-on features such as a panic button and a vehicle crash sensor. Internet tracking is standard. 



This GPS/GSM portable unit is designed to track assets in transit, such as furniture, handbags or any goods of value. Tracking and recovery response service is optional, allowing the user total independence with internet tracking.



A personal safety tracking and recovery device-designed for people and not vehicles. If you are in trouble, simply alert the tracking team by pressing a destress button you can also track the whereabouts of your loved ones via an internet connection, send emergency SMS messages, and make emergency call using a small hand-held unit.


Guardian SOS

Is an emergency location response service which uses your GPS compatible mobile phone to track and monitor individuals. Given the high rate of car theft this technology allows you to have peace of mind by giving you 24hr access to the whereabouts of your family members. In case of an emergency a one touch button on your mobile phone raises an SOS panic alert.


Why choose Altech Netstar?



We offer the largest private and dedicated ground and air recovery service in Africa. The other countries we service include Namibia, Botswana, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Mozambique, Swaziland and Lesotho. Our products are deployed in countries such as Malaysia, North America and the UK. Netstar is an award-winning company that has been in the business of providing affordable services to the African community since 1994.