The VIDEOFIED Motion Viewer combines a PIR, camera and illuminators into a self-powered device that can be instantly mounted anywhere security is needed.


The panel communicates alarms to the Central Station over a cell network using GSM (2-way voice) and GPRS (10-second video of the intrusion).


Video Verification and Voice Verification on a single system — all for the same price as a blind burglar alarm.


The VIDEOFIED XL literally needs no wires or cables, not even to power the panel. The VIDEOFIED XL combats escalating false alarm fines and fast and efficient wireless installations eliminate customer mess and dealer stress. Affordable residential video security systems monitored by the Central Station - VIDEOFIED XL.

More than an intrusion alarm, VIDEOFIED XL with voice and video gives professional monitoring personnel eyes and ears to enable them to provide effective rapid response.  

Wireless Motion Viewers use PIR technology to trigger the night vision camera and film the intrusion. The video alarm is sent to monitoring personnel who immediately see a 10 second clip of the intrusion and can use 2-way voice to challenge and verify. VIDEOFIED XL makes law enforcement more efficient and Central Stations more effective.

This is NOT a surveillance system; we separate security from surveillance to protect privacy. With VIDEOFIED, no one can “look in” remotely unless the camera has been activated by the alarm system. Video alarms are only sent when the alarm panel calls the monitoring station during an intrusion, downloading images from the Motion Viewer™. Since Motion Viewer™ only record alarms, the three small batteries operate up to four years.


Our standard VIDEOFIED® XL Kit Features: